RIVA WAND Firmware Update


ARENA: 132 in WAND app/9833 in Google Home app
FESTIVAL: 132 in WAND app/9925 in Google Home app
iOS WAND app: v 2.8
Android WAND app: v 2.7
Google Home app: v 1.28

  1. Download the WAND firmware
  2. Download the Google firmware file. Click Download in the upper right corner to download the entire zip file. Once downloaded, DO NOT unzip the file.
    • Google 1.28 File  
    • Click Download in the upper right corner to download the entire zip file. Once downloaded, DO NOT unzip the file.
  3. Set your speaker to Away mode by flipping the switch on the back to the side with an airplane icon.
  4. After it boots up, the light on top of the speaker should be orange. On your computer, go to the list of WiFi networks that your computer can connect to and you should see the speaker show up as an option. Choose the speaker and connect using security key option with password 12345678.
  5. Once connected, open a web browser and type this specific IP address in to the address bar: and then hit enter.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the Firmware Upgrade section – click on Upgrade.
  7. Click on Choose File and select the WAND firmware file, proceed with the update by clicking Update and then OK. Please note you will be selecting the 83_IMAGE_NETWORK file at this point, not the zip file.
  8. The speaker will reboot after it updates and show the same update web page on the browser. Once it is done, go up to the address bar of your web browser and type in the address bar. So it should read
  9. Click on Choose file and choose the Google firmware zip file (don’t unzip it, just choose the zip file itself). Hit update.
  10. The update should complete and the webpage will tell you that the system is rebooting again. You may not see the speaker actually reboot, but wait at least two (2) minutes until the update web page reappears on the browser.
  11. After the update web page reappears, unplug the speaker, flip the Away switch back to Home, wait five (5) seconds and plug it in again.
  12. After the speaker boots up, perform a factory reset on it by pressing and holding the Play/pause and << buttons simultaneously for about 5-7 seconds. You should see the LED turn off or turn bright blue. Wait for it to boot one more time, and then set the speaker up again through Google Home or AirPlay.

If, for any reason, your speaker is not showing the latest firmware, please contact RIVA Audio Customer Support.